Friday, June 20, 2014

Food Sensitivity Testing

So my food allergy testing came back and Whoaa!! I never would have thought I was allergic to as much as I was....

For anyone who battles Hashimoto disease you know it is super important to find out all the triggers you have that cause inflammation in your body....well did I have several...

Here the list of all the foods I Can NO longer eat:(

-Cheddar Cheese
-Cottage Cheese
-Cow's Milk
- Lactalbumin (don't even know what that is)
- Yogurt (Yikes!  My Fav)

-Red Snapper
-Egg White
-Egg Yolk


-Coffee (sniff, tear)
-Black Pepper

I have already been gluten free for over a year and a half.  So, I am going to slowing start working on eliminating more and more of the above listed from my diet.  Praying I can give my diet a complete overhaul by the end of this year:)

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