Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thyroid Biopsy

So after my doctor ordered a ultrasound of the thyroid, it came back that I had 3 nodules and 1 suspicious goiter.  He ordered a fine needle aspiration biopsy.   I was a little nervous but it really wasn't that bad and it only took a few minutes.  They numbed me up and I just could not cough or swallow while the doctor was administering the procedure.  Easy Pezzy!  Just a little sting and they cleaned me up and put a tiny band aid on it and I was out the door!  Finally got the results a few days ago and it was negative!! Thank you Jesus!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Food Sensitivity Testing

So my food allergy testing came back and Whoaa!! I never would have thought I was allergic to as much as I was....

For anyone who battles Hashimoto disease you know it is super important to find out all the triggers you have that cause inflammation in your body....well did I have several...

Here the list of all the foods I Can NO longer eat:(

-Cheddar Cheese
-Cottage Cheese
-Cow's Milk
- Lactalbumin (don't even know what that is)
- Yogurt (Yikes!  My Fav)

-Red Snapper
-Egg White
-Egg Yolk


-Coffee (sniff, tear)
-Black Pepper

I have already been gluten free for over a year and a half.  So, I am going to slowing start working on eliminating more and more of the above listed from my diet.  Praying I can give my diet a complete overhaul by the end of this year:)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where to start

I have always been creative by nature. I come from a family of Artists. It wasn’t until after 8 years in Law Enforcement and having to quit because of an illness that my eyes were opened to what I was born to do. During my battle with the rollercoaster effects of Hashimoto disease I began to paint. Painting took my mind off of the illness and art became very therapeutic to me. Regardless of the trials we face in life I've learned that if we hold on to love and hope we can make it through them all. I try to convey my love and hope in the form of my own personal “Visual Devotions.” Now...Art is my therapy!